PTR Robots meet public demands and strengthen care solutions

The development of PTR Robots

Hospitals spend a lot of resources on conventional patient handling procedures which led Project University Hospital Køge to look for more efficient and flexible alternatives, that would benefit both patient and caregiver and integrate rehabilitation in the daily care routines. The purpose was also to create one solution that fits all situations to avoid inflexible ceiling lifts with need for separate installations.

Public-private innovation project with Project University Hospital Køge

Flexibility, safety and quality

PTR Robots is the result of an innovation project between Region Zealand and Blue Ocean Robotics. The research and development process began by mapping patient transfer situations and interviewing representatives of relevant caregiver groups.

The close relationship between healthcare professionals and PTR Robots has been kept to ensure optimal features in the robot. Feedback and input from hygiene experts, technical and clinical staff and IT/communication have also been implemented to develop the best possible robot for patient experienced quality and optimal work environment for the caregivers.

PTR 70
why PTR Robots?

“PTR Robots understood our vision and needs. With technical expertise and persistence, they designed a whole new way of transferring patients."

Frank Hansen

Chief Project Manager - IT and equipment, Region Zealand

working with PTR Robots

“It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with a deeply professional and dedicated company – and we aim to continue our partnership."

Jonas Engberg Lind

Project Manager, Region Zealand