Robot overview

With PTR Robots you can improve your patient transfer and rehabilitation quality

Two finger control

With the intuitive controlling system it is easy to drive the robot around with only two fingers on the joystick. It doesn't require any special training but can be used by every caregiver. 

Sideways patient displacement

PTR can displace a patient within the frame of the robot using the travers. This makes transfers from e.g. wheel chair to bed a lot easier and more efficient. 

One hand free

The simple navigation system enables the caregiver to have one hand free to support the patient.

Free moveability 

The caregiver can drive the robot in every direction and with light ease because of the omnidirectional wheels. It can even turn on its own axis if you wish making it easy to drive around in confined spaces. 

Adjust the size 

The caregiver can easily adjust both the height and the width enabling the robot to fit through a regular doorway or expand over both a bed and a wheelchair.