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We provide a safer and better patient transfer and rehabilitation

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Part of Blue Ocean Robotics

PTR Robots is a subsidiary venture company of Blue Ocean Robotics which is the majority shareholder in PTR Robots, and specialized in developing, producing and selling professional service robots. PTR Robots was founded in 2016 as a result of a close collaboration with healthcare professionals. The purpose of PTR Robots is to bring next generation patient transfer and rehabilitation solutions to healthcare sectors.  


The Problem

Work related injuries and longer rehabilitation time

Today, patient lifts are passive, unstable and require multiple caregivers to complete them. They are passive in the sense that the patient is not an active part of the lift and in this way his or her recovery time may be prolonged. The existing tools for patient transfer are often characterized as rigid, and over time increase the risk of injuries for the caregivers using them but also for the patients involved. At the same time, multiple tools are needed to perform both patient lifts and rehabilitation. Imagine something so innovative that it can be used for both patient transfer and rehabilitation, while being safe for both patients and caregivers.

The Solution

From Passive Lifts to Active Lifts

With PTR Robots patient lifting and rehabilitation become easier, more efficient and of higher quality for both patients and caregivers. By moving from passive patient lifts to active and sensing patient lifts, rehabilitation of the patient is started much sooner. When rehabilitation is started early, the patient is more likely to recover faster and function normally again.

Why PTR Robots?

“The PTR Robot transforms the way the healthcare sector views patient transfer and rehabilitation. We improve quality-of-life for staff and patients and give healthcare professionals the opportunity to increase productivity based on improved patient transfer and rehabilitation.”

Lone Jager Lindquist

CEO, PTR Robots

Our Responsibility

UN Sustainable Development Goals

At PTR Robots we support United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Our robots are created with the aim to achieve higher levels of productivity through technological upgrading and innovation. PTR Robots was created to provide a safer and better patient transfer and rehabilitation. By working with enabling technologies that result in faster patient recovery and better working environment for healthcare personnel, at PTR Robots we support the UN Goal 8 of Decent Work and Economic Growth. 

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Key People

Lone Jager Lindquist


Claus Risager

Chairman, Board of Directors

John Erland Østergaard

Member, Board of Directors