With PTR Robots you can transform patient transfer and rehabilitation

Turn and adjust positioning in bed

Caregivers can easily turn or reposition patients in bed to prevent pressure ulcers or discomfort.

From bed to wheelchair 

Patients can be transferred directly from bed to wheelchair either over the foot of the bed or expanding the robot over both the bed and wheelchair and transfer sideways with the travers.

Transfer from stretcher to bed

If a patient is handled on a stretcher from e.g. an ambulance or operating theater you can transfer them directly to a bed with PTR Robots.

Transfer to bathroom 

The caregiver can transfer a patient to the bathroom when in need of the toilet or a bath.

On and off toilet

With the PTR Robot the caregiver can easily assist a patient on and off the toilet without having to change to different assistive devices.

Fall injury to secure positioning

If a patient experiences a fall injury, the caregiver can assist with the PTR Robot lifting the patient up and into a wheelchair or bed. 


Because of the high flexibility you can facilitate active transfers increasing patient/user involvement. 


The development of PTR Robots

Public-private innovation project between Blue Ocean Robotics and Project University Hospital Køge