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Artificial intelligence and usability testing of the PTR Robot

We are delighted to highlight two studies produced by the Blue Ocean Robotics team together with our product specialist, Britta Geleijns. These studies are based on the development and testing of the PTR Robot.


Developing Ethical AI-Supported Healthcare Robots

The former study is led by Franziska Kirstein, who aims to investigate how healthcare robotics companies handle ethical issues in the implementation of AI features. Her presentation is based on the PTR Robots case and has received funding from NGI Explorers.


Franziska Kirstein is the Senior Scientific Domain Lead at Blue Ocean Robotics. Franziska has for more than 6 years been working with the relation between humans and robots and has both a technical and analytical background in R&D and user studies.


User Involvement during Usability Testing of the PTR Robot - a Medical Robotic Device for Patient Transfer and Rehabilitation

Fernanda Nunes will present a poster that is part of a broader investigation conducted by the User Experience team from Blue Ocean Robotics. Her study intends to showcase the impacts of the human factors approach to the development of a medical device. This poster has co-authorship of Franziska Kirstein and Britta Geleijns.

Fernanda Nunes is User Requirements Analyst at Blue Ocean Robotics and is responsible for executing and conducting several activities with the intent to understand the robot users in relation to user experience.

Britta Geleijns is our PTR Robot specialist and has been a key contributor to the development of the PTR Robot as well as the continued collaboration with our healthcare partners.

Lone Jager Lindquist, CEO, PTR Robots

“It is important for us as a company to understand the world we live in and how it is developing. User-driven innovation will give us the opportunity to meet the market in the best possible way. Going forward it is also important to investigate the ethical issues of implementing AI-supported features as it gives us new insights that will support the development of the PTR Robot.”

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